Why ?

We do it because we feel passionately that not enough people with learning disabilities are as big a part of their community as they should be.

Employment is high on the Governments agenda when supporting people with learning disabilities and we’d like to support employers to either gain the confidence through our sessions to think about taking the next step and considering employing a person with a learning disability, or, give their staff the confidence to start a conversation the next time they walk into their shop, bank, hotel, hospital, doctors surgery etc etc and engage with the person.

The other reason is to support business’s with implementing and maintaining their CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) statements, to ensure that they’re not just in one of the hundred’s of policies a business like to have, but they’re “living” documents that help to actually MAKE A DIFFERENCE.

Corporate Social ResponsibilityCSR is about how companies manage the business processes to produce an overall positive impact on society.

Companies need to answer to two aspects of their operations. 1. The quality of their management – both in terms of people and processes (the inner circle). 2. The nature of, and quantity of their impact on society in the various areas.

Outside stakeholders are taking an increasing interest in the activity of the company. Most look to the outer circle – what the company has actually done, good or bad, in terms of its products and services, in terms of its impact on the environment and on local communities, or in how it treats and develops its workforce. Out of the various stakeholders, it is financial analysts who are predominantly focused – as well as past financial performance – on quality of management as an indicator of likely future performance.