Avon & Somerset Police HQ Staff said:

“A very well thought out and delivered presentation, thanks guys!

“A really useful session, hearing from Mike and Adam directly definitely made the topic understandable and kept my attention.

“A valuable training session for my line of work, meeting adults who have learning disabilities and practising what we’ve been taught in the confines of the training room was so useful.”


South Gloucestershire Council staff said:
“Absolutely great to hear and see positive inclusion of people with learning disabilities, who better to train people about LD, than people with LD?”

“A very well prepared and presented training course, delivered by guys who have learning disabilities made it so much more engaging and real. I’m a social worker and I’ll certainly be putting what I’ve learnt into practise”

“The training was highly informative. It was very useful to have Mike and Adam deliver the session as they are the ‘experts by experience’ after all”





“3 Trees Community Support” staff said:

“A really enjoyable and informative day.  I’m new to supporting people with learning disabilities and the knowledge and experience I’ve gained from todays session will be really useful in my work, thanks!”

“A very useful insight in learning disabilities, especially powerful as Adam and Mike present most of the presentation throughout the day”